Sliding Scale Commission Structure

Why not save money when selling your home?

Different real estate firms have different business models.  Stu Barnes Real Estate offers a sliding scale commission structure which allows homeowners to save money when selling their home.

How Does it Work?

A sliding scale commission structure is a business model that bases the commission rate on the price of the home.  Over the past 4 years home values have skyrocketed.  At Stu Barnes Real Estate we feel that commissions should not necessarily correlate with the rise of home values.

For example, a $600,000 house will have a lower commission rate than a $300,000 house.  An $800,000 house will have a lower commission rate than a $600,000 house.  It’s a structure based on price allowing home owners to keep more of their equity when they sell.  There are no hidden fees or other transactional fees in addition to the agreed upon commission.

Stu Barnes has been selling real estate in the Raleigh suburban area for 20 years and has seen many market shifts.  This latest shift of higher home values has prompted Stu to help homeowners save more of their equity when selling their home.

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