Choosing a Listing Agent

It’s a big decision.  Who do you use to help you sell likely the biggest asset you possess?  Obviously, if you have had a real estate agent represent you in the past and you were happy with them, by all means give them a call.  If you were not happy with your past agent or you do not have a real estate agent in your contacts list, it is time to find one.

Google Reviews

A great way to gauge a real estate agent prior to contacting them is reading their Google Reviews.  Most legitimate agents will have a Google Business Page which will have a “reviews” section.  A lot of folks do not like giving reviews or do not have a Google account, which is common, but those that do give reviews typically provide their honest opinion about their transaction.  If you are on the hunt for a real estate agent always look for reviews online.

Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Another great way to find a real estate agent to list your home is to simply ask around.  I guarantee you that the majority of your friends, family, and co-workers know a real estate agent and will give you their honest opinion of them.  Once they give you their opinion do your own research.  Check their online history and their Google Reviews.

Traits of a Listing Agent

Once you have contacted a real estate agent to list your home ask the right questions.

How long have you been in business?

Do you know anything about the area where my home is located?

Do you market my home on social media and other outlets?

Can you send me past client’s contact information so I can verify their experience with you?

Am I dealing with you or multiple people at your Firm? (keep it simple)

These are obviously great questions to ask, but when you finally talk to a potential agent, make sure they listen to you and your needs and make sure they do not spend the whole conversation talking about themselves.  For one, it is about you, not them.  But also, you want to make sure they (one agent) will be with you all the way through the transaction.  The worst communication in a real estate transaction I have witnessed is when there are 5 agents or representatives that make up a “team” and you have no idea who to contact for transaction details.

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