Coming Up With a List Price

When selling your home there is so much data available to you by just using your keyboard.  There are many sites that provide an AVM (automated valuation model).  There are also tax records within your county’s Register of Deeds where you can research past sales.  Though these may be valid tools to estimate your home’s worth, it is always in your best interest to have a licensed real estate agent with many years of experience to help you determine the truth worth.


By far the number one method of coming up with a valid, legitimate list price is searching for comparables, a.k.a. active, pending, and past home sales.  Your real estate agent will provide you with a CMA (comparative market analysis).  This will include all of the above mentioned statuses; active, pending and sold.  An active status is a home that is currently “on” the market for sale.  A pending status or “contingent” is when the home is under contract and set to close on a certain date.  A closed status is when the home has actually closed and that closed price is now public record.  You can also see if any concessions such as ‘seller paid’ closing costs were provided.  Though this ‘is’ the best method, there are other factors to consider.  Just because a comp is the same size and age of your home, if it has a screened porch or a pool; or an unfinished basement or possibly vinyl siding versus brick; this can require an upward or downward adjustment in your list price.

Almost Ready

Once you and your agent have established the list price you will need to prep your home for sale.  You can watch all of these reality shows and be coaxed into believing you need to pay a home stager or you have to remove any personal pictures you have hanging on the wall.  But, in reality or at least in my opinion, the main thing you need to worry about is keeping your home clean and clutter free.  Another thing to be aware of is if there are obvious signs of wear and tear such as torn carpet or walls that need painting; save yourself some trouble and spend the money to make your home stand out for the good.  If you don’t you will make it stand out for the bad and the buyers will move on to the next house for sale.

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